Acoustic Deadening Vinyl Sheet

Acoustic Deadening Vinyl Sheet Noise Barrier Rubber Flooring Sound Blanket for Ktv

NoiseBarrierTarp is a full-service acoustic construction company dedicated to constructing and improving residential and commercial structures according to customer needs and expectations. We are approved to have independent import and export right for insulated tarpaulins by National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Fire Rated Curtain Industrial Acoustic Control Noise Wall Blanket Absorptive Acoustic Barrier

1. i am interested to buy Noise barrier from your company, We checked with your website and We are interested to see exactly what We wanted. please provide with your email address so I can send the design of what We want.

2. We would be most grateful if you kindly submit us with your competitive quotation on cost and C+F Mokkalla port Yemen basis for the following products. Panels: 3000mm x 350mm or shorter 2500 x 350mm. Thickness: 50mm. U Channels: 3000mm in length. Quantity 5000 square meters. Your quotation must be supported with good condition and present conditions of the containers.


Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

Our products are already exported to Santiago Chile, Kesbewa Sri Lanka, Crewe United Kingdom, Orléans France, Asuncion, Ponta Grossa Brazil, Padang Sidempuan Indonesia, Izmit Turkey, Milan Italy, Durres Albania, Aligarh India, Aveiro Portugal, and 50 other countries and regions.

Our products have taken good reputations from our customers of construction specialist, international building material supplier, architectural building design company, land surveying company, etc. WallGQ specializes in outdoor living areas, retaining walls, decks, fences, hardened, concrete, terraces, porches and sidewalks. ZFGF offers high-quality doors and windows, basement finishes, siding and roofing solutions in the Big Finger Lakes area. KAIB is a major commercial roofing contractor, specializing in waterproofing, repairing industrial, commercial and retail roofs. LCNU offers basement development, construction of garages, and more similar services in Calgary and surrounding areas. DYQWV is an indoor and outdoor paint contractor, providing residential and commercial paint services, plaster and gypsum board services for Washington, DC.

Most of our products are used in diverse applications such as exhaust pipe noise, compressor enclosures, cooling units for data center, transformer stations, construction sites, council maintenance sites, mechanical rooms, reduce project costs, acoustic curtains partition, and so on.

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